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welcome to rooted,

where we seamlessly intertwine cutting-edge digital solutions with soulful growth.


from crafting resonating brand narratives and building captivating digital landscapes to enriching minds with curated wisdom and offering spaces for spiritual connection - we're your holistic partner for both brand elevation and personal evolution.


elevate your brand; enlighten your journey.

what we offer

why is

brand photography 

so important?

Brand photography makes your brand more human and relatable ! 82% of consumers trust a company more when they have great branding photos, and 77% are more likely to buy from a company- If the founder uses social media !

Can you afford to miss out on that big of a piece of the pie?

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Turn your sound up to hear me describing the must haves on any website! 

"There are so many things that I can say about working with Jacquie, the heart that she shows her projects the passion she has to understand her clients, and the wisdom she shares with each passing conversation. Jacquie was hired to build out a brand kit, and to help us find our brand identity. As a sole entrepreneur, with a little to no experience in the business and retail world it can be a lot to try to figure out all of the various moving parts within your business. In fine-tuning where we were looking to connect with our client base, how we were connecting with our client base and how we promoted the business we have seen incredible growth. Growth can be measured in various ways, and with Jacquie I knew that the heart and passion that she was bringing to the table would make a palpable difference in my business. In a span of a few months we grew what some businesses can only hope to grow in years. I appreciate it how thorough and on point Jacquie was with her recommendation! I appreciate how honestly and openly she aspires to connect with her clients. I want you to know that your  business is safe in Jacquie’s hands. "

Caitlin Strom,
Owner of Sweet B Studio

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Caitlin Strom,

Owner Sweet B Studio


Aligning Purpose with Career Path

I have spent most of my life constantly in search of knowledge and information and that hunger has given me a lot of amazing lessons in this life. Lessons I will use to help you navigate achieving the balance between your passions and your career.  When you love what you do it doesn't feel like work! Something we should all strive for ! A life well lived with no regrets and full of joy and purpose. 

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